What is NIR Analysis?

The quality of fruit and produce cannot be judged by appearance alone. Commercial fruit growers and packers require a quantitative approach to determining fruit quality to ensure customer satisfaction and retain or expand market share.

Since it is not practical to determine fruit quality merely by tasting each individual piece, an objective, nondestructive measurement is needed to determine the quality of the fruit hidden beneath the peel or skin. 

Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy is used to analyse the internal qualities of produce non-destructively. Felix Instruments provide portable technology for this purpose - technology that takes under five seconds to scan, penetrating into the flesh of the commodity. Measured qualities include: Total Soluble Solids (Brix), Titratable Acidity, Dry Matter, Firmness, and Internal Color.



F-750 Produce Quality Meter

Used to measure Dry Matter, Brix (Total Soluble Solids), and assess fruit maturity and skin color. It delivers the stability, repeatability, and precision that is necessary for successful chemometric-based measurements in a portable easy-to-use package.