About Us

FreshView® is a registered trademark of Pacific Data Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd who, since 1984, have been providing robust electronic instrumentation technology solutions across multiple industries.

Our involvement with postharvest technologies began in 1996 after being approached by Queensland Government post-harvest scientists for design and development of a complete monitoring and control system, for use during the ripening process of fresh fruit and vegetable commodities. 

This journey has lead us to manufacture of our latest technology, the EC-12 Environmental Controller which can be used for controlled atmosphere storage, ripening, de-greening and general monitoring of cool/cold room facilities for postharvest applications.

In addition to our own in-house technology offerings, we are also authorised partners for Miatech, with their range of Bio Turbo Ethylene & Airborne Pathogen removal systems, and for Felix Instruments, with their handheld gas analysers, and portable fruit quality meters.